'Green' Policy

Brisbane Business Equipment prides itself on ensuring that we are commited to the protection and ongoing improvement of the environment. We are conscious of the impact certain industries have on the environment, and we actively assess our performance and potential improvements in all of our business activities.

As a result of our green policy committment, we here at BBE will:

  • Comply with  all applicable law and other requirements.
  • Co-operate with government environmental policies, and actively participate in, or support, community based environmental activities.
  • Participate in appropriate industry wide initiatives for the protection of the environment led by government agencies and industry groups.
  • Participate in the development of earth-friendly products of two types, one is Environmental Improvement Products that will make a positive contribution to the improvement of the environment, the other is Environmentally Gentle Products that will achieve much less burden on the environment.
  • Actively market environmentally friendly products and consumables, promote the reuse and recycling through our resource recycling systems.
  • Establish programmes to achieve the agreed environmental objectives and targets.
  • Ensure continual improvement and prevention of pollution by controlling and reducing all harmful releases, general waste discharge, and energy consumption.
  • Establish and maintain where possible corrective / preventive action plans to deal effectively with emergencies, accidental spills and discharges.
  • Continually communicate our environmental policy to customers, channel partners, suppliers, and employees and create awareness within the community.