31 Years of Experience

...and counting!


With over 31 years of experience, Brisbane Business Equipment is best known for our dedication to providing a range of business solutions. This includes quality business equipment, multifunction devices, copiers, facsimiles and printers. In particular, we are a recognised dealer and leader in Kyocera products and solutions. Brisbane Business Equipment uses Kyocera so prominently due to their cost effective but high quality products.

This is evident through long-term major corporate, commercial and government customers. Alongside this, Kyocera assists us with managing client branch network requirements to the highest standard. Our centrally located premises boost our ability to support long-term customer commitments. Generous warehouse facilities and extensive service department allow for expedient service response times from our technical support team. We provide timely, researched solutions to each and every client need, with personalised, tailored solutions to all business needs. We consider this so crucial that we train our entire team to the utmost standard, as well as a large gallery of over a thousand extremely satisfied customers.

Our sales team however, has never been predominately about sales – but rather about the customer relationships, and ensuring that we make a future partnership with our clients, rather than a one off sale. We here at BBE maintain ongoing clients for thirty years or more. We are all about the service!